Crossover Dota 6.6 Map Download

Download the free Crossover Dota 6.6 Map! This is the new exciting custom Dota Map that instead of using the regular heroes of Dota, players will choose which of their beloved characters from video games or movie to play. Like for example you can use Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and battle it against Naruto or Ichigo of the Bleach Anime against Pikachu of Pokemon in the Dota battlefield and items. There are nice collection of numbers of characters to use. What we loved about the Crossover Dota map is the details of spells. The creator of this map put really an amount of effort for this and the characters detail are par excellence.

Crossover Dota 6.6 Map Download Link

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Crossover Dota 6.6 Map Changelog:

* Changed the title for most heroes

Madara Uchiha
– Fixed the grammar on his spells
– Increased Amaterasu’s DPS from 15/30/45/60 to 30/40/50/60
– Reduced the Nine-Tail’s size
– Fixed a bug where killing Nine-Tails gives less experience

– Fixed a bug where Strong Right does not work
– Changed his voice

Hitsugaya Toshiro
– Mana gained when killing enemies in Bankai mode increased from 10/15/20% of victim’s  HP to 20/30/40% of victim’s HP
– Fixed a bug where Tenso Jurin does not deal damage per second
– Fixed a bug where allies can be slowed by Tenso Jurin

– Increased his intelligence from 24+2 to 24+2.25
– Fixed Power Charge tooltip

Gintoki Sakata
– Changed his agility from 15+2 to 17+1.85
– Shiroyasha will now damage enemies based from missing health
– Increased Shiroyasha cast range from 300 to 500
– Shiroyasha attak damage reduction increased from 15/30/45% to 30/60/90%

Gray Fullbuster
– Decreased his strength from 20+2 to 19+2

– Fixed a bug where Desert Spada can damage towers
– Enemies under the effect of Sables will not be damaged by Desert Spada anymore
– Added special effects for Sables

Simon Belmont
– Morningstar Whip range increased from 700 to 800/900/1000/1100
– Fixed a bug where Morningstar Whip can damage towers
– Allied units will now be affected by his ultimate
– Vampire Hunter Whip now deals pure damage

Monkey D Luffy
– Now has a higher attack damage
– Gear Second cooldown reduced from 150 to 100/75/50

– Reduced his strength from 18+1.75 to 17+1.5

– Changed his skills

– Flower Fire now has a faster attack speed and deals pure attack damage

– Magic Blast cooldown reduced from 6 to 2

Whitebeard, Kenshiro & Akemi Homura
– Added more ways to pick them
– Global Quake will not affect towers anymore
– Homura’s ulti has been renamed from “Time Lapse” to “Back to the Past”
– A rampaging witch will replace Homura if she dies or runs out of mana

– Added a new item “Tranquil Boots”
– Increased BKB’s duration from 9 to 12
– Fixed grammar in Snow Owl’s skills

– Added a new game mode picking and hero picking system
– Scoreboard will now show creep kills and denies counter instead of kill counter
– Changed the names for the AI
– Changed the projectile model for the Druids

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