Custom Hero Map in Dota Download

This is one of the best survival map for DOTA or Warcraft. The Custom Hero Map allows players to choose a Hero and customize it’s skill on what ever built they want to make. Players can choose up to 7 different type of skill. There is no rules on how you will build your hero. You can go to full aura built or active skill built, critical or attack speed built. After choosing a hero, players will need to survive a round of spawn of creeps. Each round the creeps grow stronger but your hero will also grow stronger. Depending on what build you made determines whether it will survive the onslaught of creeps. You can download the Custom Hero map here for free:


Custom Hero Map Download Link

Mirror Download Link



How to install the Custom Hero Map: After downloading the map, just copy of move the map file (the one that has the .w3x file extension) to the DOWNLOAD folder. Go to your DOTA or Warcraft directory then you will find the folder MAPS then DOWNLOAD folder.

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