DOTA Kunkka Wars v1.3b Map Download

This is one of the free to download Battle of the Skill map where players use Kunkka (Admiral) as their hero. The Dota Kunkka Wars v1.3b can be played by players who wants to practice Kunkka’s Torrent skill and plan a strategy that they can be use in playing DOTA games. As we now Kunkka’s Torrent and X-mark Skill requires timing and calculation in order to master it. And this is a grat map to master the timing and strategy when using Kunkka.


Kunkka 1.3b Map Download Link

Mirror Download Link


How to install this map:

After downloading the file, place the “.w3x” file to your warcraft download map directory. Ex. place the “file.w3x” to “c:\program files\warcraftIII\map\downloads”. Or just right click on your warcraft icon then click “properties” then click “open file location” for windows 7 or “find target” for XP to locate the “map\download” folder.

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