DOTA Naruto Third Shinobi Wars Map 1.9.9 Download

One of the Naruto modification maps, DOTA Naruto Third Shinobi Wars Map 1.9.9 is more like has a DOTA game feel to it for it has the same three lane with creeps is advancing. Players will also defend their towers from the enemy aggression. Their are good number of Naruto Manga Characters that can be used in this game like Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi etc. Nice thing about this game is you can play it online, LAN or even off line.


Naruto Third Shinobi Wars Map Download Link

Mirror Download Link


How to install this map:

After downloading the file, place the “.w3x” file to your warcraft download map directory. Ex. place the “file.w3x” to “c:\program files\warcraftIII\map\downloads”. Or just right click on your warcraft icon then click “properties” then click “open file location” for windows 7 or “find target” for XP to locate the “map\download” folder.

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