Dota Nevermore Vs Mirana Map 7.7 AI Download

Get and download the new DOTA Nevermore vs Mirana 7.7 Map AI here as this map promises a new game play of Hero vs Hero map in Dota. The Map is designed for two teams or for a one on one battle. Players will choose which side or hero they will used. They have pick either Nevermore or Mirana. This free Dota Map was designed well as the game also offers skills from lother hero which a player can purchase for their hero. They can also buy Dota items such as Force Staff, Blade Mail etc.Just follow the link to download this map.

Nevermore vs Mirana Map AI 7.7 Free Download

Mirror Link Download


How to install this map:

After downloading the file, place the “.w3x” file to your warcraft download map directory. Ex. place the “file.w3x” to “c:\program files\warcraftIII\map\downloads”. Or just right click on your warcraft icon then click “properties” then click “open file location” for windows 7 or “find target” for XP to locate the “map\download” folder.


  1. David says:

    como ago para q se muevan las miranas ? xf respondan

  2. dave gwapo says:

    pag ka choy sa mga maps uy or ang ganda2x nang mga mapa or cool maps

  3. Francis says:

    Ka nindot kaayo maka lingaw hahaha

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