Shadow Raise War 2.8c Map Download (Nevermore Map)

The new Shadow Raise War 2.86c Map (Shadow Fiend of Nevermore Map or Shadow Raze War) is one of the practice map or a one Hero battle map where in this case players will use only the DOTA hero Nevermore/Shadow Fiend. As we know in Dota, Nevermore has this skill Shadow Raze where it requires accuracy for the distance and timing. This map will enable players to hone their skills and timing on casting the spell as two teams will battle for the most kills or points made using only Nevermore or Shadow Fiend. So if you are planning to master Nevermore or atleast be familiar with his skills why not play this map with your friends through LAN or Online. You can download the map for free here:


Shadow Raise War 2.8c Map Download Link

Mirror Download Link



How to install the Shadow Raise Map: After downloading the map, just copy of move the map file to the DOWNLOAD folder. Go to your DOTA or Warcraft directory then you will find the folder MAPS then DOWNLOAD folder.

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