Latest DOTA v6.77En AI 1.1.5 Map Download (Released Dec 2012)

Wanna try the latest DOTA AI Map on the latest DOTA Map 6.77? You can play with this Un-Official version of DotA v6.77En AI 1.1.5 as this maybe a preview on the future version. The AI configuration of this version according to it’s author was based on PBMN`s 6.74c AI 1.3b. Here are the free download link:


DotA v6.77En AI 1.1.5 Map Download (English Version)

Mirror Link (English Version)Mirror Link (Chinese Version Link)


  1. dzakozams says:

    i am just want na saying something that,this game so owosme

  2. Hanut says:

    Can someone please add a non mediafire link the particular domain is blocked on my provider.

  3. brimeet says:

    nice game^_^

  4. Kyaw Pyei says:

    very nice this game

  5. ibenz says:

    maybe we should start thinking of donating those people who made AI maps to make it more faster on realeasing AI maps..

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