Dota IMBA Map v3.85 (release Feb 2013)

Here is the latest IMBA AI map release for 2013 from the DoTa Imba AI Team ready for free download. This new Dota Imba map version v3.85 has some bug fixed and added some new commands. This looks like more stable than the previous version with some improvement on spells and speed of game play. Also included on this release are some game command to enhance the game play more. Change log is not yet available according to the translation team but as of now we would like to thank them for this another awesome new map release. You can download it here with the following links:


Dota IMBA Map v3.85 Download Link

Mirror Link


As for now this is the changelog for Dota IMBA version v3.84:

  • If you’re interested to download the DOTA Imba map v3.84 for free then you can with this LINK

Added a new intelligent hero: Skywrath Mage
– Base stats growth£ºSTR 19 1.8 /AGI 19 1.0 /INT 31 3.6

– Base attack damage£º12~22

– Base armor£º-1

– Movement speed£º315

– Attack range£º600

Skills introduction
1st skill: Arcane Bolt
The Sky Mage fires off a bolt of Arcane energy to harm his adversaries. Deals ? damage and grants vision around the projectile.

2nd skill: Concussive Shot
With Dragon-like intuition, the Skywrath Mage releases a compact ball of magical lightning at the closest visible hero within a 1600 radius. Upon impact the ball bursts slowing enemies and deals damage around the target.

3rd skill:Ancient Seal

Ultimate skill:Mystic Flare

Added a new agility hero: Ancient Fliake
– Base stats growth£ºSTR 17 1.5 /AGI 24 2.5 /INT 24 2.5

– Base attack damage£º20~31

– Base armor£º0

– Base movement speed£º305

– Attack range£º600

Skills introduction
1st skill: Chill Frost
Fliake split out spike ice to its front and deals frozen effect, damage and slows enemy.

2nd skill: Ice Prison
Summons a ice wall that blocked enemies and when the damage deals to the wall will reflected to them.

3rd skill: Chance of Frozen!
When Fliake kills an enemy there is a certain chance to frozen all surrounding enemies.

Ultimate skill: Icewhore Shield
Fliake is surrounded by a special shield that can absorb certain damage. When the shield is disappeared, enemies surrounding the shield is frozen.

-After casting Whirling Axes, attacking enemy will slows and decreases their movement/attack speed by 22%, lasts 2seconds.
-Fixed Whirling Axes skill icon.
-Wild Rage improved

-Reworked Frost Blast effect
-Reworked Ice Armor effect
-Exchanged Ice Armor and Sacrifice icon place
-Chain Frost rebalanced and cooldown rescaled to 70/65/60s

-Reworked Fatal Bond effect
-Removed Shadow Word and replaced with a new skill Shadow of the Death

-Sucide Attack is now a instant cast skill, no more cast time.

-Fixed when using Searing Arrows kills a unit will cause system lag

Skeleton King
-Fixed several bugs on him

-Fixed bugs that his skill will make some units stucks in lane

-Fixed bugs

-Fixed bugs

-Fixed bugs

-When damage reflected by Reflection is MISS, critical damage is also being reflected.

-Fixed Bezeker’s Call unable to affect invisible units in some sittuation

-Fixed using Imprison sometimes may cause enemies stuck forever

-True Shot reworked

-Nether Strike effect rescaled

Ancient Apparation
-Ice Vortex visual improved

Balanar. Necrolyte, Dazzle
-Fixed bugs

Blade Mail, Teleport Scroll
-Fixed bugs

Smoke of Deceit, Flying Courier, Observer Ward
-Allies now get informed when anyone bought these items

Only important changelog here. Some system changelog like reworking data actually not really important.

-Decrease Armor Items system reworked. Now ALL items have decrease armor effect is now become Non-orb-effect item. Although same item is unstackable

-Added a new command: -dps, to check all allies dps

-Added a new command: -rp, to check your all lucky chance like bingo rate, drop rate etc.

-FE mode now no longer drops items while it drops a special box. Using the box can get a randomed item.

-Fixed some AI spamming skills and its totally useless


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