Dota 2 Guide: Game Panel

Dota 2 Imba Guide: Game Panel



Dota 2’s game panel is very much different from the previous Dota. The new look consist of several different panels like for viewing your friends online and for which region would you like to play. Here is a general breakdown of the panels:


Matchmaking: Choose which region would you like to play. Among the regions are US West, US East, Europe, SE Asia and China. You can enable all them then click find match to search for a game anywhere from that region. You can also see how many current players are online. If you would like to play on your current region just choose the region that you are in then disable the others.

Profile: Your game profile. You can see how many games you played and your win loss standing. You will start at level 1 then as you go along you will gain experience after completing certain objective or playing “find match” games. You can’t receive any experience on practice games.

Friends: List of your Dota 2 friends. You can view if they are currently online or offline.

Top Live Matches: List of current ongoing match.

Update Notes: Patch and update notice or change log.

Feedback Forum: If you have a question, suggestion or find bug you can head into the forum.

Chat Box: You can join several chat boxes from different regions. Challenge someone for a friendly match from different region.

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