How to Download DotA 2 from Steam for Free w/o Beta Key

STEAM has recently announced that it officially open DOTA 2 for players and it will no longer require a beta key to play. What this mean is players can now play and download DotA 2 for FREE at STEAM even without invitation or beta key. You might be wondering how and where to download DotA 2. It is not that complicated and intimidating to download the game. Just follow the guide that we prepare and you’ll be playing DotA 2 in no time.



1. We will need a STEAM client in order to download and play DotA 2. So let’s go to the STEAM website which can be found HERE.

  • In the STEAM website you can find the “Install STEAM” button at the upper right of the page. Click it.

  • You will be arriving on this page and you will see a big “Welcome to STEAM” and you will the button “Install STEAM Now” Click it.


2. While waiting for it to finish to download, you can now start creating a new “STEAM account” if still you don’t have one yet.

  • You will need a valid email address in order to register a new account with STEAM. Valid means you can open the email address and read email. If you don’t have one yet you can create a new account with Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.
  • If you have a valid email address you can now start registering by Clicking the “Login” button at the upper right of the STEAM page.

  • Upon clicking you will then arrive on a page where you will be asked if you want to “Sing In” or “Join In” (register a new account). Click “Join In” to create a new account.


3. Registering Steps:

  • Fill up the necessary information.
  • Click the box “I agree AND am 13 years old or older” if you are, if “NOT” asked your parents for guidance.
  • Click “Creat My Account” to finish.


4. Check if “STEAM” client is finish downloading. If “yes” install it.


5. After finish installing, run STEAM client by clicking the STEAM icon. It may update during it’s first run.


6. After it finish updating or checking it’s version a “login box” will now appear and you can now login.


7. Once you successfully logged in it may asked if you wan’t to verify your email address. This is necessary in order to get STEAM games like DotA 2. Click “yes”.

  • Go to your email to verify (this example is if you’re using Yahoo mail)


  • Once you clicked the verification link it will now bring you the STEAM page saying you have successfully verified your account.


8. Once you verified your account you can now download DotA 2.

  • Once you’re logged in STEAM you can see the “STORE” tab. Click it.

  • Then in the search box type “dota 2”

  • Once you arrived on the DotA page, you can now click the get DotA 2 button to start download.


9. After finish downloading it you can now start playing DotA 2. To play, click the “Library” tab to find your DotA 2 client. You can now see the “Play” button. Click it to play.


Note: If you happen to play or login in a different computer or PC, STEAM (STEAM Guard – Computer Authorization Required) will require you to verify that if you are allowing the use of your account in that particular computer. Just go to your registered email and see the verification code and enter it.

  • Email from STEAM get the “CODE”

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