Dota 2 Hero: Ursa Warrior

Dota 2 Imba Heroes

Ursa Warrior (Ulfsaar)

Playing with Ursa Warrior Guide: This is one the easiest hero for a beginner to play with but on an experience player it can control the game in mid and late game. Ursa can kill Roshan solo early in the game once he obtain the proper equip early. He has a high strength and armor and can quickly kill a hero with his Fury Swipe skills. Ursa can be item dependent but with a good farming early in the game he can take even 5 heroes at once with the proper equip and items. During early game, it is good to always team up with an ally in a lane. Avoid or almost never take solo lane when using Ursa cause at the start he will be the target of your enemy to avoid you of getting the equips and getting strong in mid and late game. Take the top lane if you’re in “Dire Team” or take the lower lane if you’re with “Radiant Team.”


Type: Agility

Role: Carry


STR: 29 +2.9

AGI: 18 +2.1

INT: 16 +1.5


Background Story: Ulfsaar the Warrior is the fiercest member of an ursine tribe, protective of his land and his people. During the long winters, while the mothers sleep and nurse their cubs, the males patrol the lands above—as tireless, vigilant defenders of their ancient ways. Hearing dim but growing rumors of a spreading evil, Ulfsaar headed out beyond the boundaries of his wild wooded homeland, intending to track down and destroy the threat at its source, before it could endanger his people. He is a proud creature with a bright strong spirit, utterly trustworthy, a staunch ally and defender.



1st Skill: Earth ShockType: Active This skill make ups for the slow movement speed of Ursa. Although the damage is OK but it slows the surrounding enemy for 4 secs.Damage: 90, 140, 190 and 240Slow: 25%, 35%, 45% and 55%   Mana: 75
2nd Skill: Over PowerType: Active When activated, it gives tremendous attack speed for a number of attack. At maxed level, it can do 6 attacks in 3 secs or less!Attack Speed Bonus: 400%   Mana: 45, 55, 65 and 75Duration: 15 secs    Number of Attacks: 4, 4, 5 and 6
3rd Skill: Fury SwipesType: Passive This is the main arsenal of Ursa. The more hits it makes under it’s status the greater the damage it does.Bonus Damage: 15, 20, 25 and 30Duration: 6 secs
4th Skill: EnrageType: Passive This skill is why Ursa must have great HP items. It gives a certain percentage of his HP to boost his damage. It last for 15 secs and have a cool down of 25 secs.Percent of HP added to damage bonus: 5%, 6% and 7%

Skill Build:



Item Build:

Starting Items

Ring of Basillus, Tango, Healing Salve

Early Items:

Vladinir’s Offering, Boots


Phase Boots or Power Threads, Vanguard

Late Game Items:

Black King Bar, Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade, Heart of Tarrasque


4 to 6x Heart of Tarrasque, Butterfly, Monkey King bar

Note: because of Ursa’s Fury Swipes skill it is not advisable to give him items that have orb effects or even crits.

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