Dota 2 Heroes: Huskar

Dota 2 Imba Heroes

Huskar (Sacred Warrior)


Type: Strength

Role: Carry


STR: 18  +2.4

AGI: 20  +2.4

INT: 18  +1.5

Background Story: Emerging from the throes of the sacred Nothl Realm, Huskar opened his eyes to see the prodigal shadow priest Dazzle working a deep incantation over him. Against the ancient rites of the Dezun Order, Huskar’s spirit had been saved from eternity, but like all who encounter the Nothl he found himself irrevocably changed. No longer at the mercy of a mortal body, his very lifeblood became a source of incredible power; every drop spilled was returned tenfold with a fierce, burning energy. However this newfound gift infuriated Huskar, for in his rescue from the Nothl, Dazzle had denied him a place among the gods. He had been denied his own holy sacrifice. In time the elders of the order sought to expand their influence and Huskar, they agreed, would be a formidable tool in their campaign. Yet becoming a mere weapon for the order that denied him his birthright only upset him further. As the first embers of war appeared on the horizon, he fled his ancestral home to find new allies, all the while seeking a cause worthy of unleashing the power his total sacrifice could bring.

Playing with Huskar Guide: Huskar is one of the few Strength type heroes in the game that are ranged and not melee. He is really reliable from the beginning and at the end of the game. You can control a lane with Huskar with no problem because of him being a STR type and range and his Burning Spears have a high missile speed plus its DPS. The best time to pick Huskar is when there aren’t too many nukers in your opponents team or when your team needs a solid carry hero. He is best paired with Rhasta, Lion, Earth Shaker, Salrdar, Dazzle and Gondar.


1st Skill: Inner Vitality

Type: Active (Self, Ally)

Magically unlocks the potential regenerative power within a target unit, healing its life force based upon its primary attribute. If the target is below 40% it will heal faster.

Mana Cost: 170 Duration: 16 secs

Effects: 5,10,15,20(15,30,45,60*)% of main attrib + 2 hp regen/sec

2nd skill: Burning Spear

Type: Active (Enemy Unit)

Huskar throws his burning spear to enemy unit causing damage overtime and causing a DPS of 4,8,12,16 lasting for 6 secs and can and will stack for additional damage. Each attack will drain Huskar’s health.

Health Cost: 15

Cast Range: 450

3rd Skill: Berserker’s Blood

Type: Passive (Self)

Huskar feels each of his wounds and channels the pain, increasing attack speed and damage for each 7% missing health. First bonus starts at full health.

Effects: Increase attack speed of 3,6,9,12% with Bonus Damage of 2,4,6,8

4th Skill: Lifebreak

Type: Active (Enemy Unit)

Huskar reaches into the well of his own life force to heavily damage an enemy. Huskar is magic immune while charging towards the target. The target takes damage equal to 50% of its hp. Slows target by 50% for 5 seconds. Huskar pays a certain percentage of his hp to cast this.

Effects: Spends 35,30,25% of current HP to cast

Range: 600

Skill Build:



Starting Items:

 Magic Stick,  Gauntlet of Strength,  Healing Salve,  Tango

Early Items:

 Power Threads or  Phase Boots,  Bracer x2,  Magic Wand,  Armlet


 Helm of Dominator,  Drum of Endurance

Late Game Items:

 Heart of Tarrasque,  Aghanim’s Scepter,  Linken’s Sphere


 Black King Bar,  Monkey King Bar,  Assault Cuirass



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