Dota 2 Heroes: Leshrac

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Leshrac (Tormented Soul)


Type: Intelligent

Role: Pusher


STR: 16  +1.5

AGI: 23  +1.7

INT: 26  +3.0

Description: Leshrac, Tormented Soul, is an entity torn from the heart of nature, a liminal being that exists half in one plane of existence, half in another. His penetrating intelligence is such that he can never ignore for a moment the agonizing horror at the heart of all creation. Once a great philosopher who sought the meaning of existence, he plumbed the depths of nature with the haunted Chronoptic Crystals, and was forever altered by the hideous mysteries thereby revealed to him. Now the darkest depths of his enlightenment are illumined only by the fitful glare of his arrogance. Like other elemental characters, he is completely at one with nature, but in his case it is a nature lurid and vile. He alone sees the evil truth of reality, and has no use for those who believe the cosmos reserves a special reward for those who practice benevolence.

Leshrac’s four skills all focus on dealing a lot of damage to his enemies in a variety of ways. He is one of the most powerful direct damage spellcasters, and his spells can even out-damage pumped up physical attack heroes late in the game. Split Earth is an area of effect stun. Although new players will find it can be difficult to hit, it has a relatively low cooldown and is sure to cause a lot of pain if it does connect. Diabolic Edict is an extremely effective spell if used well, causing a huge amount of damage if it hits a single enemy hero for its entire duration. Since it deals physical damage, it is excellent at destroying buildings and fighting magic immune heroes. Lightning Storm is a straightforward spell, but since the cooldown period is only 6 seconds long, it is one of the best harassment spells around. In addition, each bounce deals full damage, allowing clever Leshrac players to hit foes from very long range by targeting creeps and letting the lightning bounce to the intended victim. Pulse Nova is Leshrac’s final offensive spell, and can potentially deal the most damage of any of his abilities. Although it costs huge amounts of mana to sustain, the damage output of this spell is very high, especially in large battles where it can hit many targets at once.

Skills: 1st Split Earth, 2nd Diabolic Edict, 3rd Lightning Storm, 4th Pulse Nova

Build: 1, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2  –  3, 2, 2, 4, 4, 1

Starting Items: Branch x3, Healing Salve or Tango, Clarity x3, Ring of Protection or Bottle

Early Items: Boots of Speed, Ring of Basillius, Sage’s Mask, Ring of Health, Point Booster, Courier

Additional: Bloodstone, Blade Mail

Late Items: Black King Bar, Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Scepter

Options: Heart of Tarrasque, Ghost Scepter, Shiva’s Guard


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