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Playing with Omniknight guide: Omniknight (Purist Thunderwrath) the ultimate support Hero and belongs to a group of pioneer Hero of DOTA. One of the most famous and well known hero. Players who mostly used/choose Omniknight are the ones who decide to play as a support. Omniknight’s build is a hero that can turn the tide of battles with his powerful arsenal of support spell. His Purification Skill can heal and restore HP to ally unit instantly and can also cause damage to surrounding enemy unit around the target ally whose been healed. He also has a strong second skill Repel which can make the target unit immune to most magical spell. His 4th skill is not only one of the most powerful in game but also the coolest.

During the start of a game stick with your teams Carry. Support him in his lane and never go mid. Concentrate on denying creeps and give the last hit kill to your teams Carry. Communicate with your Carry whenever there’s a plan of initiating a fight. Be always with your team during fights and depending towers remember playing Omniknight is mostly a supporting duty so if you don’t like playing support don’t pick Omniknight. Ominiknight can also initiate a fight with his Heal and Repel skill all a players need is just practice when playing Omniknight. Give him lots of HP boost items and he will be tough to kill.

Type: Strength

Role: Support


STR: 20   +2.7

AGI: 15   +1.8

INT: 17   +1.8

Description: Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sworn to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great reputation. He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the All Seeing One. Theirs was a holy struggle, and so embedded was he in his duty that he never questioned it so long as he had the strength to fight and the impetuous valor that comes with youth. But over the long years of the crusade, as his elders passed away and were buried in sorry graves at the side of muddy tracks, as his bond-brothers fell in battle to uncouth creatures that refused to bow to the Omniscience, as his own squires were chewed away by ambush and plague and bad water, he began to question the meaning of his vows–the meaning of the whole crusade. After deep meditation, he parted ways with his army and commenced a long trek back to the cave-riddled cliffs of Emauracus, and there he set a challenge to the priests of the Omniscience. No knight had ever questioned them before, and they tried to throw him into the pit of sacrifice, but Purist would not be moved. For as he faced them down, he began to glow with a holy light, and they saw that the Omniscience had chosen to reveal Itself to him. The Elder Hierophant led him on a journey of weeks down into the deepest chamber, the holy of holies, where waited not some abstract concept of wisdom and insight, not some carved relic requiring an injection of imagination to believe in, but the old one itself. It had not merely dwelt in those rocks for billions of aeons; no, It had created them.


1st Skill: PurificationType: Active Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.Heal/Damage: 90/180/270/360      Cooldown Cooldown: 10
Radius: 225       Mana Cost: 100/120/140/160
2nd Skill: RepelType: Active Creates a powerful divine ward that blocks most magic from affecting a target unit.Duration: 6/8/10/12
Mana Cost: 50      Cooldown: 14 sec
3rd Skill: Degen AuraType: Passive (Aura) Greatly degenerates the movement and attack capabilities of enemy units that stray too near.Move/Attack Slow: 7%/14%/21%/28%
Radius: 315
4th Skill: Guardian AngelType: Active Omniknight summons a Guardian Angel that grants immunity from physical damage and greatly increases hit point regeneration of nearby allies.Duration: 5/6/7       Mana Cost: 100/120/140/160
Health Regen: 25     Radius: 600

Omniknight Skill Build: from (level 1 to 16)


Omniknight Item Build:

Starting Items:

Courier, Clarity Potion, Tango, Sage’s Mask

Omniknight will need Clarity Potion as his strategy will require casting lots of spell. Sage’s Mask will provide a decent mana regen.

Early Items:


Any of these Boots (Power Threads, Phase Boots, Arcane Boots), Urn of Shadow, Observer Ward

For chasing, Phase Boots paired with a Yasha and with Degen 3rd Skill. Arcane Boots for more mana spamming Purification 1st Skill.


Mekansm (can be converted to Pipe of Insight later), Bracer, Necronomicon (for Advance Players), Eul’s Scepter

Mekansm will give more Heal, Hp Regen, Buffs during clashes, Eul’s Scepter will give more mana regen, more INT, and a disable. If you can control more additional unit the you can go with Necronomicon.

Late Game Items:

Pipe of Insight, Shiva’s Guard, Blink Dagger, Scythe of Vyse

Pipe of Insight is a great item for countering Magical Skills and it may serve as a second 4th Skill (Guardian Angel)


Assault Cuirass, Boots of Travel


Best Team Mates:

Sven, Ursa, Phantom Assassin

Carries like Sven, Ursa and Phantom Assassin will benefit the most with Omniknight support.

Vengeful Spirit, Beastmaster, Sandking, Crystal Maiden


Worst Enemy:

Disabler like Lion, Shadow Shaman. Silencer, Bloodseeker, Antimage and Doom Bringer

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